About Us

VAAP Technologies, Inc. is a leading enterprise business software and information solutions firm that caters to specific needs of an organization. VAAP presents a comprehensive and a flexible business solutions model that is web-enabled, secured, business component driven, and designed and integrated to manage every aspect of your organization, which will streamline your business functions and operations.

At VAAP, three keys form the culture of the organization. The three keys include Promote a Stake Holder Centric Delivery System; Establish a True Vendor Partner and Transition to New Vendor. VAAP accomplishes this goal by effective program evaluation through a collaborative framework and effective decision making. VAAP ensures delivery governance and timely delivery of the accomplished goals through proficient way of delivering management framework. VAAP also believes providing value to a customer with true innovation. Thus, we ensure to establish a true vendor partner relationship which charters customer culture and values. VAAP reckons performance based contract with fundamental focus on immediate impact and improvement to systems, process and delivery thus ensuring payment tied to delivery and reduced costs.

VAAP also gives credence to Talent, Trust and Team Work. We believe in working as a team and losing as a team. Thus, we buy as a team, sell as a team and deliver as a team.

Four key services establish the foundation for VAAP, enterprise frameworks, applicability, solutions and services. At VAAP, our vision is to leverage our unique ASPECT based enterprise frameworks and apply solutions-based approach to provide services and support client’s business needs.

Our unique solutions approach complements business and their stakeholders with efficiency, time to deliver, reduced cost, autonomy along with an integrated management experience.

To serve as a trusted partner in delivering business specific solutions that utilize information technology to create a sustainable enterprise solutions.

  • Inclusivity – One solution platform applicable to entire market segment and associated stakeholders
  • Dependability – One solution platform that results in higher Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Availability – One solution platform that is competitive and time to market capability
  • Flexibility – One solution platform completely customizable for all businesses and business functions
  • Affordability – One solution platform and price that fits all budgets
  • Manageability – One solution platform that allows non-IT staff to manage effectively
  • Usability – One solution platform that is rich in features, easy to use and efficient